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Actually, bleaching hair makes it harder for the colour to stick long term. Bleaching makes the colour more vibrant at first, but it opens up the cuticle (the outside layer of the hair), which makes it harder for the colour to stick long term.

Sounds science-y enough for me!! XD

Honestly, I just can’t be bothered to bleach anymore. I don’t blow dry my hair and only heat style it maybe once, occasionally twice a week, so my hair gets like NO damage. And bleaching is hard on it, plus it stinks, plus it’s expensive here. especially if you’re only doing streaks,

Although I think the trade off is worth it if you’re doing a bright colour like orange or something. I usually do a deep, dark blue, though, and my purple over my natural colour came out this gorgeous witches/Halloween purple. So for me, not bleaching just works for me, but if I wanted like bright orange or pink or light green or something, it’d be needed.

Speaking of the Virus episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark, they have a little person playing Virus which… is actually still really creepy in the makeup department… which is kind of cool on multiple levels.